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Our mission is to help Internet users in China find reliable VPN services.

Using the Internet in China can be very frustrating, because a lot of foreign websites, including Google, Twitter, Facebook etc, are blocked. To access those sites, many people in China use a VPN to bypass blocking. However, VPN services are often disrupted or blocked as well in this country. As a result, a lot of people have to give up their VPN service and look for new ones from time to time.

We are based in China and we know this pain very well. We have tried many VPN services ourselves in order to find one that really works. The process was frustrating. Therefore, we though we might be able to help people in the similar situation by testing as many VPN providers as possible and then share our results and recommendations to other Internet users in China. This is why we created “VPN大大” (VPNDada.com).

This is how this website works: our team have signed up and will continually sign up with popular VPN providers, especially those who target the China Internet users. We test their VPN services and based on the results, we will make our VPN recommendations to you.

Due to the nature of this website, it’s not unlikely that this site might be blocked one day. For this reason, we have created a newsletter/mailing list to communicate with our users. We encourage our users to join this mailing list and we will send you updated information about using VPN in China, including VPN test results, our recommendations, special offers and more.

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