Apple removes VPN apps from China App Store. Here's what you can do.

Apple Removes VPN Apps From China App Store. What You Can Do?

China’s recent crackdown on VPNs is getting tougher. Since late July 2017, Apple started removing VPN apps from its App Store in China. For iPhone and iPad users in China, most major VPN apps have disappeared and they won’t be able to download new VPN apps or updating their VPN apps that were installed earlier.  […]

苹果App Store下架VPN App:影响和应对措施

苹果 App Store 下架 VPN APP:影响和应对措施

中国大陆对VPN的封杀进一步升级,苹果公司(Apple)应用商店(App Store)中国区已下架几乎所有的VPN类应用程序(App)。被下架的除了VPN App以外,还包括Shadowsocks类App如Shadowrocket、Surge等。对于经常需要翻墙的中国iPhone和iPad用户来说,这无疑是一个很大的打击。